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  • How to use WOW10?

Primarily used together with Petroleum based lubricants in combustion engines to significantly reduce air pollution and improve engine performance. It can also be used on machineries and other mechanical moving parts that require oil for lubrication. Simply mix a small amount of WOW10 to your primary lubricant to make it more effective in performing its job.

  • How can it reduce air pollution and improve engine performance?
  • When WOW10 is mixed with the engine oil, the resulting mixture can survive longer during the combustion process – lesser to no more unwanted smoke emissions. The treated oil can now improve compression sealing, thus, better fuel vaporization during compression stroke — will result to better combustion. Lubrication is now improved. Improved lubrication means lesser friction on the moving parts, that is lesser heat and lesser wear on parts. Previous lost energy due to friction is now utilized into mechanical motion – direct improvement in mechanical performance.
  • Is there any side effect from using WOW10?
  • None. However, for cars one should recheck some components like belts for proper tension setting. If it has cracks, replace it immediately. Due to recovered energy from friction, the current belt tension is no longer applicable with the improved engine response and performance, thus, requires adjustment.
  • Will I save money from using WOW10?
  • Savings will be in a form of lesser maintenance cost, better fuel economy from recovered lost energy due to friction. With recovered energy, lesser fuel is necessary to propel the vehicle for the same given distance and time.
  • When do I change my engine oil?
  • Simply follow your usual change oil interval specially (dirty engines with black deposits) during the first or second treatment period. Old oil engine deposits is removed gradually during this period of usage. When the engine is kept clean, longer change oil interval is possible. Simply use the product with your newly loaded oil and enjoy its benefits.
  • Can I use this with diesel engines?
  • It can be used on most combustion engines that require engine oil for engine lubrication – from motorcycles to cars, from trucks to motorized sea crafts.
  • Can it be used on new and old vehicles or engines?
  • Yes. Highly recommended even on new vehicles with cleaner engines – it will keep your engine like new for a longer time even beyond the warranty period. Older engines can benefit a lot when wear and tear is minimized.


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