Oil Enhancer 250 ML

  • SAVES FUEL - superior lubrication increases engine efficiency, and as a result, it also increases Fuel Economy, Gas Mileage & MPG

  • SAVES YOUR ENGINE - by lubricating all friction surfaces, engines run smoother and quieter with more power and acceleration. Great for high mileage engines and passing emissions tests. Stiction eliminator remover.

  • SAVES MONEY - IC Green pays for itself with the savings you'll experience at the pump and for auto maintenance

  • SAVES THE EARTH - renewable, bio-degradable and plant based, IC Green reduces carbon emissions and combats the effects of climate change

  • AWARD WINNING! VOTED INVENTION OF THE YEAR - by InventHelp at The Invention & New Product Exposition (INPEX)

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Do You Want Amazing Fuel Efficiency and Gas Mileage?
IC Green cleans and lubricates fuel injectors and carburetors. It reduces and prevents varnish and gum build up while preventing valve sticking and clatter. Oil life will increase by at least 50%, thus reducing oil and gas consumption.

Tired Of Having Your Car Break Down Every Couple Thousand Miles?
IC Green Makes Old Engines Young Again! By creating a film of lubricant on all friction surfaces, IC Green ensures a cleaner, more efficient engine. It works especially well with high mileage engines. You’ll notice your engine runs smoother and quieter almost immediately. Acceleration becomes smoother and more powerful. A cleaner and more well lubricated engine is less prone to breaking down.

Are You Ready To Do Your Part And Help The Environment? 
Renewable, bio-degradable, and plant based, IC Green reduces emissions significantly which combats the effects of climate change. It significantly reduces serious air pollutants while promoting fewer emissions & cleaner air

Voted “Invention of the Year” at InventHelp’s Invention & New Product Exposition (INPEX) held at Philadelphia, PA. 
INPEX is Amerca’s largest invention trade show. With over 900 inventions coming from countries around the world, IC Green was chosen as “Invention of the Year” winning the Gold Medal Award of Merit. INPEX recognized the powerful contribution of our product to humanity, nature, and the future.

If you’re ready to improve the fuel efficiency and performance of your car, save money at the pump, & reduce emissions while helping out the environment, click “Add To Cart” now & get your bottle of IC Green!

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